Dr.(a) Solange Bezerra

(found of lacle)

LACLE is a modern laboratory, fully computerized and of differentiated service. Founded in 1980, LACLE has grown rapidly and progressively, due to its efficient and innovative working style, equipped with the most modern and highly trained and specialized staff. Today we offer the same quality as the largest reference centers in America. From its headquarters, very well equipped, located in Manaíra, we invest heavily in Technology, IT, work methods and also in the technical capacity of our personnel. Who knows LACLE is not surprised by the quality of its technical and operational structure. All this is the result of a philosophy of work directed to be the best and not the greatest. Historic LACLE was founded on April 8, 1980, in Rui Carneiro Avenue. Idealized by the biochemical couple Francisco Wellington G. Bezerra and Solange de Melo Bezerra, the laboratory was initially installed in what is one of the main avenues of our city. However, in 1981, with the evolution of the business and the need to have a better structure, the headquarters was transferred to Av. Monteiro da Franca, number 44, where it is still today. It was the first laboratory to be modernized in João Pessoa, undergoing profound reforms in the year 1992. There was a need to differentiate LACLE from other competitors, and for this the structure of the large centers of reference was based. We also sought an environment that would provide comfort and well-being to customers who were looking for our laboratory. Over time, there was a need to expand to other areas of the city, seeking new markets, and attending to medical requests from more remote areas of the city that did not have laboratories.